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DOP Mount Etna

The protected name of origin 'Mount Etna' is reserved to the extra virgin olive oil obtained from the variety of olive called Nocellara Etnea given in the olive groves at a minimum of 65. The "Moresca", the "Tonda Iblea", the "Ogliarola Messina", the "Biancolilla", the "Brandofino" and "The Olive of Castiglione, varieties may contribute in variable quantities up to maximum of 35%.

Mount Etna Oil has a golden yellow colour with green reflections and a slightly fruity fragrance.

Mount Etna Oil has a fruity flavour with slight feeling of bitter and spicy.

Production area
The production area of Mount Etna DOP is around Mount Etna and covers the towns of the provinces of Catania, Messina and Enna situated at the foot of the mountain,

Production method
The extra virgin olive oil Mount Etna is produced from healthy olives harvested within the period until the veraison. It fells in January, according to the different altitude of the territory. The olive harvest takes place directly from the plant by hands or using machines facilitation and collection nets, then the olives are collected and then stored until the stage of grinding in tight ventilated containers, arranged in thin layers and local conditions which ensure the low relative humidity (50-60%) and the maximum temperatures of 15 C. The extraction is carried out exclusively by mechanical processes, especially the press is done through the use of millstones in stone (it represents the oldest of milling) and mechanical presses. i.

How to consume
Thanks to the slightly fruity flavour, Mount Etna oil is the ideal condiment for raw vegetables for fresh, wild salads and bruschetta, is cooking on boiled vegetables, soups and vegetables, and roast fish.

How is stored
The oil must be stored in cool, dry environment and away from sources of heat, at a temperature between 14 and 20 C. In this situation the best quality of product remains for over than 36 months. With the low temperatures the oil may be subject to freezing, so, before you start the consume, should be necessary to put the bottle at room temperature (16-18 C) for a few minutes and shake it repeatedly, to facilitate the return of the product natural state.

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